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Clinical Logistics is a provider of comprehensive distribution and logistics management services for the clinical trials industry. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they be sponsors, manufacturers, or CROs. Contact Us

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Unlock streamlined device logistics for clinical trials

Supercharge your clinical trial operations with our device logistics services! Our team and global distribution facilities streamline device management providing device provisioning, efficient logistics, and round-the-clock support. About Us

Decentralized Trial Services

More convenient and cost-effective

Decentralized clinical trials services offer a safe and secure way to access healthcare treatments and services. Patients can participate in clinical trials from any location, eliminating the need to travel. This is more convenient and cost-effective, and reduces the risk of exposure to potential risks associated with traditional clinical trials . Data Providers
Decentralized Trial Services
Fast Response
"We needed laptops for countries in the Middle East. The current vendor required a minimum of 2 weeks lead time and import license costs. Clinical Logistica was able to deliver the laptops to the site in 3 days and no import license required." device logistics
Sr. Dir of PM RWE
for top 10 CRO
Great Partner
"Clinical Logistica LLC is a great clinical distributor partner to work with. They are transparent and very responsive with a quick turnaround time to reach out to clinical research investigators when I refer a research project to assist with procuring the Dexcom CGM system needed for the research study or trial." device logistics
Carl C.
Clinical Research Associate II, Investigator Studies & CRO Integrations, Dexcom
Customer Service
"Clinical Logistica's customer service is highly impressive.They consistently exceed expectations and I'm looking forward to continuing our partnership." device logistics
Sudip Bajpeyi, PhD
Director of Metabolic, Nutrition, and Exercise Research (MiNER) Laboratory
Global Reach
"Our project had an urgent request for 30 Fitbit smartwatches for a site in Italy. Clinical Logistica had them delivered in 48 hours.” device logistics
Dir of PM
for top 10 CRP

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